Coming in 2016…

…the long-awaited second book in the Second Age of Man series: Broken Promises and third book in the World According to Luke series: Book III: Days of Future Passed. These works are in the editing process and we hope have them in your hands soon!

Once the covers have been finalized (and the preliminary images are looking great!), we'll post excerpts and pre-order information here and on Facebook.

The World According to Luke is the tale of a boy growing into a man several years after the general collapse of modern civilization. Luke's predecessors had foreseen the impending disaster and prepared accordingly. In Book I: My Life in Knots, we meet young Luke, a twelve-year-old boy raised by his grandfather, Michael, as he experiences the growth of his family and his community in a lawless world. Book II: The Age of Reason continues the now thirteen-year-old Luke's adventures and personal growth within his ever-expanding and diversifying community.

The Second Age of Man is the epic story of the end...and beginning...of civilization. Faced with annihilation from their sun's impending nova, a distant planet plans and executes a mass exodus. The Exodus Fleet is comprised of twelve planetoid ships, each carrying ten thousand cryogenically sleeping representatives from one tribe and manned by small crews of naval personnel, scientists, and politicians to lead the search for a new home. However, the primary objective is plagued by deceit and betrayal by secret factions within the leadership. Loyal to the compact agreed upon and signed by all the non-sleeping personnel, a small group pushes the boundaries of the compact to attempt to achieve what they believe they signed on for. This epic saga begins with To Save a Planet and continues Juno and crew's adventure while searching for a new planet to call home in the up-coming Broken Promises.

Of this assortment of essays, poems, and short stories, R. E. Kelly said they gave him "the opportunity to test new voices and concepts." All pieces will eventually be availabe from the online library of R. E. Kelly's assorted works. Periodically, another of this impresive collection of short works will be added to the library of available works until all previous pieces are represented.